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 Ecological Landscape Design (ELD) is a thoughtful, holistic design approach that aligns with the patterns of nature to promote plant communities and a robust ecosystem. We use permaculture design principles paired with in-depth site analysis to create useful outdoor spaces that are self sustaining and productive. The settings we craft are lower maintenance then conventional landscapes, such as lawns; and rely less on scarce natural resources and consumer products.

ELD controls pests, diseases and "weeds" by promoting the complexity of bio-diversity and providing habitat for beneficial insects and predators. Fertility needs  are met by building soil and mulching with plant materials on site, cycling nutrients and compost teas/extracts. These practices encourage growth which is resilient to a changing climate, sequesters carbon and provides the harvester with safe, nutrient dense plants for food and medicine.  

Our design packages are delivered with in depth site analysis, conceptual designs, plant lists, implementation plans, cost estimates and information about the function of the new plants entering your landscapes. You may elect to implement our design yourself, or work with our team of skilled trades to complete the project. 

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